Animal Feed Dryer


The spent grain dryer can quickly pre-dehydrate wet brewer’s grains with a moisture content of around 85% to 60%, and then dry them to around 12%.

Beer yeast dryer is a single drum dryer that uses steam to indirectly conduct heating to dry materials. It can be used for drying various slurry materials, especially suitable for recycling waste yeast in breweries.

The alfalfa dryer mainly adopts three-layer rotary drum dryer, which can quickly dry 65% moisture content of hay to 15% in one time, saving 30-50% energy compared to ordinary dryer.

The pomace dryer production line adopts a series of innovative technologies and processes to dry the materials with high sugar content, high water content, and easy adhesion.

The cassava residue dryer can dry the moisture content of the cassava dregs to below 12% in one time. Equipped with devices for temperature regulation, lifting, guiding, and dispersing, it effectively avoids wall sticking and blockage.

The entire dehydration and drying system can dry beet pulp with a moisture content of about 80% to 12%. At the same time, we can also equip subsequent pelletizing and packaging systems.


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