Industrial Dryer


The industrial rotary drum dryer mainly includes single drum dryer and three drum dryer. Widely used in feed, chemical, fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries.

The single drum dryer is mainly suitable for drying materials with a moisture content below 65%. With strong overload resistance, large processing capacity, and simple structure.

The three-cylinder rotary dryer is designed to improve the drying efficiency and reduce the floor area. Applied for drying wood chips, sawdust, straw, cocopeat, alfalfa, bagasse, cassava bagasse, etc.

Our sludge dryer is developed based on the characteristics of sludge, which can effectively solve the adhesion between sludge and equipment. During the drying process, it can also effectively kill various pathogenic bacteria and parasitic eggs.

Sand dryer is generally suitable for drying particle materials, especially for sand, river sand, quartz sand, etc. With large capacity, wide application range, small flow resistance, convenient operation, etc.


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