Mineral Dryer


The mineral dryer is featured with high processing capacity, high efficiency, and high degree of automation. The internal structure of the equipment is made of wear-resistant materials, suitable for drying iron concentrate, manganese ore powder, and phosphorus concentrate.

The ore dryer can be used to dry fly ash, desulfurization gypsum, clay, river sand, etc. Adopt three cylinder drying process, the dryer has very good results in the treatment of high humidity materials.

The gypsum dryer adopts three-layer drum drying technology, which saves one-third of energy compared to traditional dryer and reduces production costs. Operating parameters can be changed according to different material properties.

Kaolin drying machine is generally suitable for granular materials and can also be used for sticky and paste materials with high moisture content. The dried material will not damage its original characteristics, ensuring better application of the material.

The clay dryer is made by combining the characteristics of clay and the processing needs of users, using advanced drying technology. The dryer has good quality, long service life, and outstanding energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

Bentonite dryer is a large-scale drying equipment designed based on the specific characteristics, yield, quality of bentonite. Adopt new type of combined lifting device, improving heat utilization rate, and increasing production.


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