Coal Dryer

coal dryer

Coal dryer is suitable for drying coal materials with high moisture content, fine particle size, and high viscosity. New type feeding and discharging device are adopted to avoid blockage, discontinuity, unevenness, and return of materials.

The raw coal dryer is designed for the raw coal with high moisture content and different usage requirements. It solves technical problems such as production costs, dust pollution, and automatic control, greatly improving the quality of raw coal.

Lignite dryer has a special design on the internal structure of the cylinder, which strengthens the crushing of agglomerated materials, not only improves the thermal efficiency, but also effectively avoids the over-drying of coal in the dryer.

The fly ash dryer achieves large-scale utilization through rapid dehydration of high-humidity fly ash, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also effectively realizes the reuse of waste resources.

Coal slag dryer is mainly used for drying materials with a certain humidity or particle size in mineral processing, metallurgy and other industries. Cleaning device is equipped inside to avoid wall sticking inside the dryer.

According to the characteristics of high viscosity and high moisture content of coal slime, we have developed an anti-bonding, self-cleaning drum slime dryer system to realize large-scale recycling and utilization of coal slime.


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