3000 TPD Coal Dryer Production Line

The customer’s company generates electricity by burning coal from nearby coal mines. Coal is transported in wet conditions, making it difficult to burn efficiently. Wet coal also causes other problems, such as equipment corrosion and increased emissions. The power plant needs a solution that can quickly and efficiently dry coal.
The customer decided to install a coal rotary dryer to reduce the moisture content of the coal before combustion. Two sets of coal dryer systems are designed according to the customer’s needs. These two sets of coal dryer systems can handle 3000 tons of coal per day, and are equipped with the most advanced control system to ensure efficient operation.
Since the installation and debugging of the coal rotary dryer, it has been running smoothly. The dryer significantly reduces the moisture content of coal, ensuring efficient combustion of coal. Overall, the coal rotary dryer has achieved significant success. The company has improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. At the same time, we are very happy to cooperate with customers, and thanks them for choosing us.

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