10TPD Wood Sawdust Dryer

10TPD Wood Sawdust Dryer The company of the customer is an enterprise specializing in the production of wooden furniture. They use a large amount of wood sawdust as raw materials, and the sawdust need to be dried during the production process to ensure product quality. However, the traditional drying equipment they used before was inefficient …

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200 TPD Bentonite Dryer Plant

200 TPD Bentonite Dryer Plant In the mining industry, efficient drying of bentonite is crucial for various applications. The client’s company is a mining company located in Asia. They have been using the traditional method of drying bentonite, which is time-consuming and energy-intensive. The traditional drying process requires prolonged exposure to sunlight, resulting in inconsistent …

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3000 TPD Coal Dryer Production Line

3000 TPD Coal Dryer Production Line The customer’s company generates electricity by burning coal from nearby coal mines. Coal is transported in wet conditions, making it difficult to burn efficiently. Wet coal also causes other problems, such as equipment corrosion and increased emissions. The power plant needs a solution that can quickly and efficiently dry …

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